“Girl Who Didn’t Care”: Tenille Townes casts inspirational women + young dreamers in her new music video

Tenille Townes is sharing an inspirational message to girls and young women everywhere with the music video for her new single, “Girl Who Didn’t Care.”

The clip, which arrived this week, spotlights three women who are at the top of traditionally male-dominated fields. They are space enthusiast and future Mars One ambassador Alyssa Carson, soccer goalie Sarah Fuller and Nashville firefighter Shannon Wells. Also included in the video are three young girls who play the part of the women’s younger selves, dreaming about accomplishing big goals one day. 

“Seeing this idea come to life and telling real stories about what it looks like to go get a crazy dream and make it happen was the coolest thing,” Tenille says of the video on social media

“I wouldn’t be here without the heroes I had to look up to…There’s something so powerful about seeing somebody actually living out their dream,” she continues. “It makes it all seem possible. I hope you see that and believe that about your own dream when you watch this.”

“Girl Who Didn’t Care” is Tenille’s first new song off an upcoming project.

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