Get your dose of “Good News” from Jordan Davis

Jordan Davis has rolled out a hopeful new track, “Good News Sold.”

Penned by Cole Taylor, Jordan Rowe and Jordan’s brother Jacob Davis, the song finds Jordan reflecting on the state of today’s news and his hope for more positivity.

“If good news sold, the world wouldn’t seem so bad/ If good news sold, we’d be buyin’ everything they had/ And we’d all sleep a little bit better at night/ All be a little less left and right/ And turning the TV on and checking your phone wouldn’t ever get old/ If good news sold,” Jordan sings in the chorus. 

Of his decision to record “Good News Sold,” Jordan shares, “I think at times there is no shortage of very heavy headlines locally and globally, and it’s hard sometimes to not get lost in that and spiral into being overwhelmed by them. But when you go home and hear your kid laugh or see someone go out of their way to help a stranger, these acts aren’t being highlighted in the same way but they very much exist.”

“This was sort of that reminder to me when I heard it, and I hope will be for other people, of what’s good in the world and that there is good in the world,” he adds. “It’s a reminder that there are good people, acts of kindness, moments of pay it forward, moments of light and joy.”

“Good News Sold” follows 2023’s Bluebird Days, which includes the chart-toppers “Buy Dirt,” “What My World Spins Around” and “Next Thing You Know,” as well as current single “Tucson Too Late.”

Jordan’s stateside leg of his headlining Damn Good Time World Tour kicks off April 11 in Moline, Illinois. You can grab tickets now at Jordan’s website.

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