George Birge’s wife said ‘thank you’ the first time he confessed his love

George Birge counts himself lucky to call Kara his wife. 

Chatting with ABC Audio recently, George walked down memory lane and revisited how he and Kara met.

“We met in college and it was no secret that she was out of my league,” George says. “I was on the golf team and she was a cheerleader. I was very lucky to even get a date with her, and I very instantly knew that she was the girl of my dreams. And I think she was maybe not as certain.”

The Texas native, however, wasn’t planning on letting Kara slip by or even throwing in the towel before trying.

“I think we were probably less than a month in before I told her I loved her for the first time, and I think I was a couple beers deep and it just kind of came out. She said ‘thank you’ the first time I said ‘I love you,"” George recalls. “But we got two kids and now we’re married. So I was playing the long game. It worked out.” 

George’s latest release is “Cowboy Songs,” the follow-up single to the chart-topping hit “Mind on You.


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