George Birge’s hitting radio with “Cowboy Songs”

Saddle up to hit Texas with George Birge‘s new single, “Cowboy Songs.”

Written by George, Michael Tyler, Matt McGinn and Lalo Guzman, the love song chronicles a guy’s head-over-heels feelings for a girl he just met.

“You get them go talks on them barstools, get em tryin’/ To get your name, get you a drink/ Start askin’ why, yeah/ They ain’t ever seen you in here before/ You make a quiet type not quiet no more/ And sure as Sunday, soon as you walk in/ Girl you get them cowboys talkin’,” George sings in the upbeat chorus.

“Growing up playing dive bars in Texas, I always wanted to capture that image in a song,” says George. “The moment we started writing ‘Cowboy Songs,’ I was instantly transported back to a hot, smoky, throwback dance hall night in the Austin, Texas that I grew up in. I couldn’t love it more.”

“Cowboy Songs” is the follow-up to “Mind on You,” which hit #1 in January. It’s also the first new release since George’s 2023 debut album, George Birge: Mind On You.

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