Garth’s getting ready to feed his Friends at his new Nashville honky tonk

Right now, the future location of Garth Brooks‘ Friends in Low Places honky-tonk is simply a souvenir shop that sells memorabilia from the superstar and his wife, Trisha Yearwood. But the kitchen seems to be getting closer to opening, he shared on Monday night’s edition of Inside Studio G

“Get ready! The first round of menus came out just last week,” Garth revealed. “The whole eatin’ thing’s what it’s all about! Got a lot of good options.”

He also reminded folks to bring their good vibes when they come visit the spot along the famous Nashville strip known as Lower Broadway.

“We’re getting that place lined up for people who like to eat [and] drink. Hopefully what we’re getting the place lined up for [is] people who like to come there and have fun and treat other people with respect while they’re doing it,” he added. “This oughta be pretty cool.”

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