Gabby Barrett says firstborn Baylah is a “good big sister”

With a third child on the way, Gabby Barrett recently chatted with ABC Audio about how her firstborn, Baylah, is getting ready to welcome another sibling.

“She understands that I have another baby in my belly right now. She understands that it’s going to be a sister, too. And she’s very excited about that,” Gabby shares.

“She’s such a good natural nurturer. And she’s good with brother [Augustine] and sweet with him, even though it’s too rough sometimes. But it’s fine, he needs [to be] roughed up,” she says, before praising Baylah for being a “good big sister.”

Gabby is set to drop her sophomore album, Chapter & Verse, on February 2. The project will include its lead single, “Glory Days,” as well as the recently released “Growin’ Up Raising You” and “Cowboy Back.”

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