For Priscilla Block, the holidays are about “truly being grateful”

While Priscilla Block‘s Thanksgiving with her family can get a little messy, they always try to keep gratitude at the center of their celebration.

“Thanksgiving has always been chaos. Actually any holiday that my entire family is there is straight chaos,” says Priscilla. “But for Thanksgiving, we all try so hard to be together and it’s such a fun holiday, too. My family’s a little cheesy. We actually still go around the table and [ask] like, ‘What are you thankful for?’ ‘What are you thankful for?"”

“That means a lot where it’s not about presents, it’s not about anything else,” she reflects. “It’s just about truly being thankful, and that’s why I love Thanksgiving so much.”

Coming up, Priscilla will hit the road on her Hey Jack Tour, with the kickoff show happening in San Diego, California, on February 7.

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