“Faith, family + friends”: Jordan Davis’ “Buy Dirt” taught him how to hone in on what’s most important

Jordan Davis has much to celebrate these days, with the double #1 success of “Slow Dance in a Parking Lot” and most recently, “Buy Dirt.” He says that the latter hit set him down a path of writing about the things he wants his music to say most.

“It kind of freed me, in the sense of, like, that song is everything that I want to say in a song,” Jordan reflects. “It ties in the three things…of faith, family and friends.”

While commercial success is nice and plentiful, the most important thing is putting out music that makes him confident he’s “doing what I’m here to do,” the singer adds.

In his new music, Jordan says he’s staying within the world of gratitude and close-to-the-chest songwriting that he created with “Buy Dirt.” Next up, he’s bringing those themes to his new single, “What My World Spins Around.”

“‘World Spins’ is still in that vein of the three things that I want to write about and sing about,” he points out. “I just feel like I’m really confident right now in releasing new music, and proud of this next record.”

Though he admits it’s “been a minute” since he put out a full album, Jordan teases that fans won’t have to wait too much longer before getting their hands on a new batch of songs.

“I’d put it out tomorrow if I could!” he adds. “Well, actually, it’s not done yet. But when it is done, I would love to get it out as soon as possible.”

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