Dig into Kimberly Schlapman’s mini cherry cheesecake

Caught in a pickle and can’t decide what dessert to serve up for Christmas? Fret not, Kimberly Schlapman‘s got you covered.

The Little Big Town member recently shared her mini cherry cheesecake recipe on Facebook alongside a video of her making it from scratch in her kitchen.

“A holiday favorite and perfect for entertaining,” Kimberly wrote on Facebook. “I got a little crafty in the kitchen with this one, y’all!”

Kimberly’s recipe requires ingredients such as frozen cherries, red wine, graham cracker crumbs and softened cream cheese.

“I thought that we could make some mini cheesecakes in little mason jars,” Kimberly shared in her video. “I think the mason jar just makes it a little more festive. You can take them to a friend’s house for a party.”

You can check out the full recipe now on Kimberly’s Facebook.

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