Dierks Bentley’s hoping to buy you a beer when he hits the road this summer

Dierks Bentley‘s officially back on the road, having wrapped his five-date High Times & Hangovers club run this past Saturday. Fans not only got to hear the Arizona native’s biggest hits, they also got a preview of his upcoming album with the track that also lends its name to Dierks’ next tour, which kicks off in August.

“‘The Beer’s On Me’ is a song off the record that I’ve actually been doing live during these shows that I wrote with HARDY and some other folks, and Breland is also a songwriter on this,” Dierks explains. “Really, [it’s] just a fun song that’s going over great live and thought it’d be a good name for the tour.”

In the beginning, Dierks had a more literal interpretation of the song in mind when he thought of it as the name for his tour. “My original idea was to give someone a bracelet or something that will allow them to get a free beer when they walk into the shows this summer,” he reveals. “That’d be the ultimate way of saying thanks to your fans and a sign of appreciation.”

“I’m still working on that,” he clarifies. “I think there’s some legality issues around that. But I think it’d be great. You get a ticket and a beer to come in.”

“So, a good name for the tour and really looking forward to being out there with Riley and Parker,” says Dierks.

Free beer included or not, the Beer’s On Me trek, also featuring Riley Green and Parker McCollum, begins August 13 in Salt Lake City, Utah, as Dierks continues his climb toward number one with his top-ten hit, “Gone.”

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