Darius Rucker, Chase Rice, and Matt Stell agree: Kansas City wins Super Bowl LV, but don’t count Tom Brady out

On Sunday, when the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, some of the biggest names in country music will be watching — and they think it’s pretty clear who’ll win. 

For former UNC linebacker Chase Rice, it’s bittersweet.

“I never had my shot in the NFL,” he tells ABC Audio, “so I’m sitting here watching Tom Brady — I think he’s got like 34 postseason wins… He has more postseason wins than I ever got to play in NFL games.”

“This is a real interesting one for me…” Chase continues, “because it’s the best to ever do it versus the young gun. That’s a Hollywood story right there.”

“I see the Chiefs winning,” he adds. “I think they’re a team that’s done it together longer. This Bucs team was all just a bunch of guys pieced together, but you never know. They got Tom Brady, so they obviously have a chance to win.” 

Darius Rucker agrees.

“I kind of like Kansas City, but you can’t bet against Tom Brady…” Darius warns. “I think Kansas City’s gonna win the game, but I wouldn’t be surprised… if the Bucs won. I just think you’re gonna see two great offenses really go at each other.”

Matt Stell‘s on the same side, with “some skin in the game.”

“This is a long-standing sort of bet,” he explains. “I’m in this weird league that’s kind of like fantasy football, except it’s entire teams instead of players. I actually have the Chiefs still left… It’ll ring the bell for me pretty good if they pull it off.”

The former college athlete also has several “side bets,” including “which coaches nostrils are shown first when they pull their mask down,” and “how many times Gisele will be shown in the luxury box.”

By Stephen Hubbard
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