Dan + Shay on paying homage to their humble beginnings with ‘Bigger Houses’

Amazed by the tiny house on Dan + Shay‘s Bigger Houses cover and wondering where it is now? Fret not, the duo has an update for you.

“My kids ask about it every single day. I don’t know where it is right now. I think it’s probably in storage,” Shay Mooney tells ABC Audio. “We’re also asking. I think someone might have stolen it. We’ll see.”

The trippy abode you see on the cover is more than a setup. It sentimentally pays homage to where Shay first met Dan Smyers in the genesis of their joint career.

“I don’t know if we mentioned this or not, but on the door of the album cover, it says 507. That was an ode to 507 Morton Avenue,” Shay shares. “And we actually name-drop 507 on the album in a song called ‘Then Again.’” 

“It’s just a special place. That’s where we met. And that was the humble beginnings of Dan + Shay,” he explains. “We wrote that [the] next day after that party, so it’s kind of taking it back to our roots.”

Dan + Shay’s new single is the reflective Bigger Houses title track. It follows “Save Me the Trouble,” which hit #1 on the country charts in January.

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