Corey Kent says “Something’s Gonna Kill Me” is every bit autobiographical

Corey Kent doesn’t just release songs that sound good. His songs are typically autobiographical and packed with lyrics that give you a glimpse of who he is.

‘BiC Flame’ and ‘Something’s Gonna Kill Me’ are autobiographical songs that tell you something about me as a person,” shares Corey. “Those aren’t songs that I just am dreaming up, thinking, ‘What would other people like to hear?’ Those are me telling you about me.”

“And what’s really cool is I feel like the fans are connecting and they’re getting a sense for who we are, who those guys on the stage are, off the stage, by what they say and play on the stage. And I’ve loved it,” he adds.

Even after notching his first #1 hit with “Wild as Her,” Corey says that at his core, he’s really just a musician who loves playing live shows.

“Man, at the heart of it, I’m a live musician,” he notes. “That’s all I will ever be. I had an awesome moment with a hit song, and I hope that continues. But my heart lies in live music.”

“Something’s Gonna Kill Me” is the follow-up single to “Wild as Her.” Both tracks are off Corey’s latest album, Blacktop, out now.

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