Cody Johnson recalls wife Brandis reaction to “The Painter”

Cody Johnson‘s wife, Brandi, played a big part in his recording of “The Painter.”

Hot on the heels of it hitting #1, Cody recounts Brandi’s initial reaction when she heard the romantic ode.

“She loved it. She was very adamant about keeping it organic. She was like, ‘You know, this sounds like a song you would sit around acoustic with your band at soundcheck and just pick on. Please don’t overproduce the song,"” Cody recalls, adding that he typically doesn’t do that.

“That’s one of the reasons why we chose the resonator instead of an acoustic guitar,” the Texas native explains. “It had more of a grassroots feel. I love the way it builds.”

“The Painter” is the lead single from Cody’s latest album, Leather. The 12-song record also includes “Dirt Cheap,” which will hit country radio as the next single soon.

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