Chris Young teases long-awaited confidential news

It’s no secret that Chris Young‘s been in the studio working hard on his next album. But now, he may be readying to share details about the project, which includes its release date.

“2023 was fun but I’m thinkin’ 2024 might be better,” Chris captioned his Instagram video.

While the video has Chris spilling some long-awaited news, the bummer is that all the important details are bleeped out with the word “confidential” flashing across the screen.

“What’s up you guys? I just wanted to let you know that my new,” Chris says, before bleeping the information. The clip continues with him seemingly name-dropping several tracks before ending abruptly just as the release date is shared.

You can check out the video in full now on Chris’ Instagram.

Chris is approaching the top 40 on the country charts with “Young Love & Saturday Nights,” the first preview of his upcoming project.

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