Chris Lane reflects on dad life with baby Dutton: “Watching Lauren be a mom is my favorite thing”

Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell are getting into the swing of parenting, after their first child, baby boy Dutton, was born earlier this month. The pair have different skill sets when it comes to taking care of a newborn, but “we make a good team,” the singer tells People.

“Watching Lauren be a mom is my favorite thing in the world,” Chris continues, going on to say that his wife has the “magic touch” when it comes to changing diapers. For his part, he’s good at calming Dutton by playing him songs on acoustic guitar.

“We’re both so new to this and learning as we go, but we’re getting the hang of it!” explains Lauren. “You have to laugh your way through. We’re just figuring it out together.”

As for Dutton’s emerging personality, likes and dislikes? Chris says one favorite activity of his has already become clear.

“I’ve learned that he loves, loves, loves to eat,” the singer says.

“He likes to eat, which, unfortunately and fortunately, I’m the only one who can feed him right now,” Lauren agrees. “We spend a lot of time together in this room, just eating.”

Chris is focusing on family life right now, but later in 2021, he’ll throw a headlining tour into the mix. In October, he’s set to kick off his Fill Them Boots Tour, which takes its name from his newest single.

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