Chris Jansons a proud “All American Guy”

Chris Janson‘s patriotic pride is taking center stage in a new song, “All American Guy.”

The track will arrive June 14 and previews the follow-up to 2023’s The Outlaw Side of Me.

“What’s up y’all, June 14th, ‘All American Guy’ is coming out so you can stream it all summer long on your boat, along with ‘Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get,’ ‘Buy Me a Boat,’ all the other ones. But, here’s a little taste of ‘All American Guy,"” Chris shares with fans in a video on social platform X, before performing an acoustic version of the track.

Another post on X also offered fans a snippet of the studio version of “All American Guy.”

“Yeah, I’m a pretty simple man/ Ain’t too hard to understand/ I’m an all American guy,” Chris sings in the upbeat song’s chorus.

“Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get” is Chris’ current single and is approaching the top 40 of the country charts.

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