Chris Janson knew “All I Need Is You” was a hit even before it became one

Chris Janson is grateful that “All I Need For You” has become a hit, but he’s not surprised. 

Though it’s not a song fans were familiar with right out the gate, Chris says its trajectory was indicative that he had his next hit in his hands.

“With hit songs, sometimes before they’re a hit, people just don’t know them. They’re unfamiliar. And so it takes a minute until they really become a hit for them to start singing it,” Chris tells ABC Audio. “People really embraced [‘All I Need Is You’] from the very beginning, before it was even charted. So I had [a] good indication that it was probably something really special, and it is.”

Now, not only is “All I Need Is You” ascending the country charts, but it’s also become a go-to song for special occasions like weddings and proposals.

“People are using it as wedding songs and walk-down-the-aisle songs and proposal songs and things like that, which is not why I wrote it. It’s very flattering, you know? I’m so grateful for it. And it is absolutely my love story,” says Chris.

“It’s interesting. Sometimes you hear over the years, ‘Well, maybe you should try to write something different’ or maybe this or that. And I’m like, ‘Nah, I just write about the things that I know and I love. And you know me, I just write about my life,"” he shares. 

“All I Need Is You” is #13 and rising on the country charts. It’s the lead single off Chris’ latest album, The Outlaw Side Of Me, which arrived in June.

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