Chayce Beckham’s “This Ol’ Rodeo” is inspired by a true story

Chayce Beckham has released his brand new song, “This Ol’ Rodeo.”

Chayce and Stephen Wilson Jr. penned the breezy neo-traditional ode, which chronicles a longtime passion Chayce’s friend had.

“‘This Ol’ Rodeo’ is a song I wrote about a buddy of mine who was a steer wrestler, a bulldogger, and I used to live with him when I was in high school,” Chayce tells ABC Audio. “[He] and I went to a lot of rodeo practices. And then I found out what it was like to love something that could hurt you or something that doesn’t always love you back.”

“I was like, ‘Man, you kind of got to be crazy,"” the American Idol alum recalls. “That’s where that song comes from. It’s about loving something that can’t love you back and that’s hard to hold on to.”

“This Ol’ Rodeo” was preceded by Chayce’s earlier releases “Whiskey on the Wall,” “Little Less Lonely” and “Till the Day I Die.” He’s currently #17 and ascending the country charts with “23.”

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