‘Chapter & Verse’ will showcase Gabby Barrett’s artistic + personal growth

Don’t expect Chapter & Verse to be identical to Gabby Barrett‘s 2020 debut effort, Goldmine.

Chatting with ABC Audio recently, the American Idol alum shared that the songs off the 14-track album will accurately reflect her present-day self.

“Just the creative process looked completely different. I was in a completely different writing space, too,” Gabby says of the difference between readying Chapter & Verse and Goldmine. “I’d just come to [Nashville]. Literally, the first song that I had ever written was on that album. I didn’t know particularly what sound I wanted to have.”

“It was just a lot of figuring it out in that phase,” she adds. “And so four years later, I’ve got to sit with myself for a little bit, sit with myself in the writing rooms and figure out what I like.”

This process of self-discovery will be on full display when Chapter & Verse drops February 2. You can presave the record now.

While you wait, you can preview Gabby’s forthcoming album with “Growin’ Up Raising You,” “Cowboy Back,” “You’re My Texas” and its lead single, “Glory Days.”

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