Carly Pearce teases unreleased track: “One of my favorite new songs”

As Carly Pearce readies to share new music soon, she’s offering fans snippets of soon-to-be-released tracks, with the latest being “My Place.”

Carly took to Instagram to preview the song, which contains heart-on-sleeve lyrics about moving on from a breakup.

“It ain’t my place/ To question if there’s someone filling my space/ Ain’t my business trying to picture 4x6s with her in ’em / If she does things that I didn’t/ Wondering what the hell I’m wondering for/ It ain’t my place/ ‘Cause it ain’t my place anymore,” Carly sings in the chorus, alongside acoustic guitar strums from her guitarist.

“I wrote this song about that feeling you get after you go through a devastating break up. Where you find yourself still feeling entitled to what they’re doing, who they’re with… but realizing that those thoughts don’t belong to you anymore,” the “What He Didn’t Do” hitmaker explained in her Instagram Reel’s caption.

“This song is my realization of that very moment, and one of my favorite new songs,” she adds.

Carly is currently ascending the country charts with her Chris Stapleton-assisted single, “We Don’t Fight Anymore.”

Coming up, she’ll join Tim McGraw on the road for his Standing Room Only Tour. For a full list of dates and tickets, visit Carly’s website.

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