Brothers Osborne received 2023 Angels Among Us Award: “I hope…we can be ambassadors for…a great cause”

Brothers Osborne were honored with the 2023 Angels Among Us Award at the annual Country Cares Seminar on October 12. 

The award recognizes John and TJ Osborne‘s steadfast commitment to the children and families of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

“Country music and St. Jude have always had such an amazing relationship,” says John. “When we got signed [to our record label], we kind of just got swept into it. We knew a lot about it, but we didn’t know that much about it. And we went to Memphis early, early on in our career and we saw the hospital and I mean, I challenge anyone to walk through that hospital and not feel every possible human emotion that you can feel.”

“Yes, it’s very sad, but it’s the most uplifting place at the same time,” he notes.

Earning the 2023 award is an honor to the duo.

“I feel very grateful that they’re honoring us for it. In fact, I don’t think I deserve it. I hope that we can be ambassadors for such a great cause and raise a lot more awareness,” John shares. “But it’s like, we are the least important people in that entire organization. I mean, [the] people that keep the lights on, the doctors, the people that raise the money for it. It’s just an incredible, incredible organization.”

TJ echoes John’s sentiments.

“You do feel undeserving only because, yes, we do things and we try to help when we can, but it seems it pales in comparison to the work that St. Jude does and everything that those families are going through and the strength that you see in the kids and then in the families,” he says. “It just feels like what we’re doing is only this big. And so, [it’s] a huge, huge, huge honor.” 

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