Brothers Osborne are living their teen guitar player dreams with a little help from Fender

For Brothers Osborne, working with Fender on its American Vintage II Series of guitars is a dream come true.

Fender celebrates iconic electric and bass axes from the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, with each instrument getting a modern upgrade in the retro line.

Brothers Osborne are one of the musical acts taking part in the campaign showcasing these updated instruments. 

Throughout his career, John Osborne has played lots of older guitars, noting how Fender makes it easier to work a brand new one into his typical concert rotation. 

“The great thing about the Fender American Vintage Series is that they are made to a vintage spec, and most of the instruments that we play are vintage,” John says. “After a while, you get used to what a certain era feels like. So the adjustment period is way quicker on a vintage spec guitar like Fender’s doing right now.” 

As a young musician, TJ Osborne not only longed for the day he could have his own Fender Telecaster, but also dreamed of starring in one of their ads, as he’d flip through Guitar Player magazine.

“I couldn’t afford one and I would have to just think about having a Tele. Now John has a complete arsenal of them,” TJ recalls. “I was having that epiphany while we were shooting a lot of the teasers for this. I was like, ‘This is really cool.’ … it’s up there with winning an award,” he remarks. “It’s just one of those moments.”  

Part of the new campaign is a four-part video series showcasing the artists performing original songs, along with covers from each decade in the American Vintage series.

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