Brian Kelley is a big “Christmas on the beach” guy

If you see Brian Kelley on a beach on Christmas day, don’t be surprised. That’s where he loves to spend the holidays and has done so for the past few years.

“It’s probably our sixth year in a row doing it down there. We used to have Christmas here in Nashville, [but] once we got our spot in 2016, it started a tradition — Christmas on the beach,” Brian tells ABC Audio. 

“Sometimes it’s a little cooler,” he says. “You know, that Panhandle, northwest Florida can get pretty cold. One year, I think [it was] sunny and 75 we’re sitting on the beach, literally, and it was perfect.”

Besides the beach, Brian and his family also love spending quality time outdoors.

“We’re always getting some bike rides, getting some golf cart rides, we’re [playing] a bunch of card games, we’re putting puzzles together, we’re making drinks, we’re making Dad’s famous Kelley family fudge and kind of doing a whole lot of nothing, just being around,” shares Brian.

“We love going out on the lake. We live on the lake there and [love] looking for eagles, ospreys, nature, birds, blue herons,” he adds. “Just kind of being around, you know?” 

Brian’s currently ascending the country charts with his Big Machine Records debut single, “See You Next Summer.”

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