Brett Eldredge hopes to do his own Christmas special one day, “when the time is right”

Brett Eldredge is currently on the road for this year’s Glow Live Tour, an annual run of shows inspired by his holiday album from 2016, Glow. Christmas music — both live and recorded — has become a staple for the country crooner, and he’s adding to his seasonal catalog again this year with the release of a new album, Mr. Christmas.

But live shows and albums aside, Brett says he’d like to find more ways to get into the Christmas spirit in the years ahead.

“I want to do my own Christmas special when the time is right,” the singer tells Billboard. “I’ve been working on some movie script ideas. There’s nothing planned — I’ve never shared them with anybody — but I want to continue bringing good stories to shine some light in this world.”

When it comes to spreading holiday cheer, Brett takes inspiration from some of the greats.

“A few years ago, I was in a dressing room next to Tony [Bennett] for the Rockefeller Center tree lighting. I thought, ‘He’s 60 years older than me and still doing Christmas music,” Brett remembers.

“I hope to do 10 more Christmas albums. I would love to do even 40 more years of this,” he goes on to say. “I like stepping into that role as a guy who can deliver joy, because it also gives me great purpose. I just want to brighten somebody’s day.”





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