Bouncing back from baby? Gabby Barrett says it wasn’t exactly “Footprints on the Moon”

Last November, a visibly pregnant Gabby Barrett sat on a stool and sang her breakthrough hit, “I Hope,” on the CMA Awards with pop star Charlie Puth

Fast-forward to her performance of “The Good Ones” at the ACM Awards in April, and the new mother was looking better than ever. So how was she able to bounce back so quickly from the birth of her daughter Baylah in January? 

“I don’t know, I guess being a mom…I really haven’t gotten the chance to, like, eat all the junk food that I was eating,” she says. “So I guess it really just cut [the weight] out in my face and all around the place!”

Gabby admits it also doesn’t hurt that she has youth on her side.

“I thankfully was able to kind of like shed some weight quickly and get off all the baby weight and I feel good,” she adds. “I dunno, I’m thankful for that — that my body kinda was able to snap back and be healthier than it was before, even after having a baby, and quickly, after that. So I can thank, I guess, my 21-year-old metabolism for that!” 

Right now, Gabby’s busy playing fairs and festivals before she hits the road with Thomas Rhett next month. She’s also just put out “Footprints on the Moon” as the third single from her debut album, Goldmine.

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