Bailey Zimmerman hopes his songs resonate with fans

If a Bailey Zimmerman song has resonated with you, you can thank him for that.

The fast-rising country star recently shared that when he writes and sings, he’s always making sure it’s something listeners can relate to. 

“I remember being 15, 16, going through heartbreaks and 17, 18, 19, going through heartbreaks and going, ‘Man, I wish I had a song that said this. I wish I had a song that would talk about this because this is what I’m going through,"” Bailey recalls.

He says those personal breakups serve as inspiration for his songs.

“When I found music and started doing music, I really just [thought], ‘How can I make people feel like this is their song and I wrote this about them, but still make it true to me as well?"” he shares. “That’s what my goal has been this whole time.”

Bailey’s in the top 40 of the country charts with his latest single, “Where It Ends.” It follows the #1 hits “Fall in Love,” “Rock and a Hard Place” and “Religiously.”

Coming up, Bailey will hit the road on his sold-out Religiously. The Tour. 

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