Ashley McBryde on seeing fans sing back her songs: “To say it’s moving is an understatement”

Ashley McBryde is often humbled and touched when fans sing her songs back to her at live shows. But ask her to describe how she really feels and she’ll tell you that she hasn’t found the right words yet.

“There’s not a word that has been invented for what it’s like to watch fans connect with a song, whether that is in the form of them singing it back to you or, in the case of ‘Light On In The Kitchen,’ I often experience watching a mom with her arms wrapped around her daughter and singing the words into the top of her young head,” shares Ashley.

“To say it’s moving is an understatement. What it is, is proof that as songwriters, all we are is the channel that it chose to come through because we connected with that idea and then we get to look out into the audience and watch so many people connect with it,” she notes.

“When they invent a word for what that feeling is, please let me know,” says Ashley.

Ashley’s approaching top 20 on the country charts with “Light On in the Kitchen.” The track is the lead single off her latest album, The Devil I Know, which arrived in September.

To see Ashley out on tour this fall, visit her website.

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