A “prepared” Reba McEntire says singing national anthem at Super Bowl is “not about me”

When Reba McEntire performs “The Star-Spangled Banner” at Sunday’s Super Bowl 58 in Las Vegas, it’ll be a journey 50 years in the making. That’s because the legend’s career started when she was discovered while singing the national anthem at the 1974 National Finals Rodeo.

While that does ease some of the pressure, Reba’s still doing her homework.

“I prepare by being prepared. I’ve been singing the national anthem in the shower, when we get in the car,” she says. “Rex [Linn], my boyfriend, is a huge football fan, played all sports when he was going to school.”

“And so he’ll say, ‘OK, sing it one more time.’ I said, ‘I think I know the words real good right now so I’m all right,"” she jokes.

The Country Music Hall of Famer also finds comfort in knowing the crowd will likely be singing along in the moment — one she takes very seriously.

“I am honored beyond words to be chosen to get to sing it,” she reflects. “It means that I get to sing a very special song for all Americans, people all around the world who have really worked so hard for our freedom and to give us peace.”

“And it’s not about me,” she adds. “I’m the representation of this song, and I’m just honored to get to sing it.”

The entertainer, who’s spent plenty of time working in Las Vegas, is particularly proud to be included in Sin City’s first Super Bowl.

You can watch Super Bowl 58 on Sunday at 6:30 p.m. ET on CBS.

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