Wolfgang Van Halen & Andraia Allsop are married

Congratulations to Wolfgang Van Halen and Andraia Allsop, who got married during a Los Angeles ceremony on Sunday, October 15.

People has photos and details from the nuptials, which took place at the couple’s home in front of about 90 guests.

“Our goal was just to bring all of our closest family and friends together,” says Allsop. “The past few years, not only with the world, but also with personal tragedies, haven’t been the easiest, but we wanted to create this wedding as a celebration not only just for us to get married, but a celebration for the people we love.”

Wolf’s father, the late guitar icon Eddie Van Halen, was represented during the wedding in a number of ways. Wolf walked down the aisle along his mother, actor Valerie Bertinelli, to the sounds of the instrumental Van Halen song “316,” which Eddie had written for his son. Additionally, the couple put out an empty seat in honor of Eddie.

“We’ve lost important family members on both sides,” Wolf says. “It’s important to include them and have them be a part of the ceremony that we wish they were here for.”

Wolf didn’t perform at the wedding. “Last thing I want to think about is playing anything,” he quips, but his taste in heavier music made it into the DJ’s set.

“The one thing that I want, I want Wolfie to have his moment of one of his favorite bands, Meshuggah,” Allsop says.

“Anyone over 40 will be terrified,” Wolf adds. “But you know what? It’s my wedding and I’ll do whatever I want.”

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