Watch “Touchline,” Rod Stewart’s heartfelt tribute to his late father: “He was so encouraging”

After teasing it online, Rod Stewart has now released the full, emotional video for his song “Touchline.” The song is a tribute to his late father, Robert, and how he passed down his love for soccer — or “football” as the Brits call it — to Rod, and how Rod has now passed it down to his kids.

In the video, we see footage of Rod through the years playing soccer, from when he was a teenager to adulthood. We also see him sitting on the sidelines coaching his two younger sons and posing with them wearing jerseys of their favorite team, Celtic F.C. There’s footage of Rod’s father and mother, and lots of family photos, as well.

“Touchline” is from Rod’s most recent album, The Tears of Hercules. When the album was released, Rod told ABC Audio it was an important song for him.

“It means a lot to me, that song, ’cause I idolized my dad,” Rod said. “He wasn’t a particularly talkative father but he was so encouraging.”

“Y’know when I went into the [music] business, and I’d failed as a footballer, he always encouraged me,” the star added. “Y’know, [he] never said, ‘Go and get a regular job.’ He said, ‘Stick at what you’re doing and I’ll support you.’ And he did!”

Rod will soon announce details of a special show he’s doing in Edinburgh, Scotland — the city his dad was from — in November. The show will also serve as a tribute to his dad.


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