The Osbournes welcome new dog rescued after being set on fire

In a story that starts off infuriating but ends up heartwarming, the Osbourne family has taken in a new dog.

The infuriating part is that the pup, a bulldog, had been set on fire and abandoned. The heartwarming part is that he was found and nursed back to health by the organization Underdog Heroes Rescue. The Osbournes then adopted him after Sharon saw him while scrolling through TikTok.

“Everything they do is to rescue dogs that have been harmed, and they find the best homes,” Sharon says of Underdog Heroes during the latest episode of The Osbournes podcast.

“That’s so commendable,” Ozzy adds. “I’m glad he’s in our house now.”

The Osbournes are also asking fans for help naming their new addition. The names in contention include Pork Chop, Walter and Baby.

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