Slash announces ‘The Collection’ guitar book

Slash has announced a new book diving into the many guitars he’s played over the years.

The 300-page tome, simply titled The Collection: Slash, includes photographs and illustrations of Slash’s personal guitars, accompanied by interviews with the Guns N’ Roses shredder himself.

The Collection: Slash is the debut release from Gibson Publishing, a newly launched division of the Gibson guitar company.

“It’s been a blast working with Gibson to create a platform for me to talk about my favorite thing: guitars,” Slash says. “This book is a great exposé of all the great guitars I’ve collected over many years.”

The Collection: Slash will be released in a variety of formats, including the signed $999 Custom Edition, which includes, among other things, an Axe Heaven Appetite Les Paul miniature guitar and an “exclusive Slash bandana.”

Preorders are open now via

While you wait for your copy to arrive, you can watch Slash chat guitars in a new episode of Gibson’s The Collection series. The hourlong video is streaming now on YouTube.

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