Rob Trujillo tried to “channel Ozzy” with singing debut on Metallica album

Metallica‘s song “You Must Burn!,” a track off their new 72 Seasons album, marks the first time bassist Robert Trujillo has sung on a record with the metal legends. In an interview with Metal Hammer, Trujillo shares how he approached his debut “official semi-solo vocal moment.”

“I was just trying to channel Ozzy [Osbourne],” Trujillo says. “You may or may not hear that!”

As for whether we’ll hear more of Trujillo singing on future Metallica songs, Trujillo says he’s “always there for what the band need[s].”

“I was expecting to just do gang vocal-type things [on ‘You Must Burn!’], adding a bit of texture and presence to the recording, but I didn’t realize I’d get a semi-solo moment!” Trujillo says. “I always do my best whatever I’m asked to do though man, and these are the moments you can cherish.”

72 Seasons, the first Metallica album in seven years, dropped in April. It also includes the singles “Lux Æterna,” “Too Far Gone?” and the title track.

Metallica supported 72 Seasons throughout 2023 on their M72 world tour, which will pick back up again in May 2024.

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