Ozzy Osbourne on moving away from the US: “I’m fed up with people getting killed every day”

Ozzy Osbourne has opened up on his and his wife Sharon‘s decision to move back to their native U.K. after having long lived in Los Angeles.

“Everything’s f***ing ridiculous there,” Ozzy tells The Observer of the U.S. “I’m fed up with people getting killed every day. God knows how many people have been shot in school shootings.”

“There was that mass shooting in Vegas at that concert,” he continues, presumably referring to the 2017 massacre at the Route 91 Harvest country festival. “It’s f***ing crazy.”

The metal legend, 73, adds that he doesn’t “want to die in America” or be buried in LA’s Forest Lawn cemetery.

“I’m English. I want to be back,” Ozzy says. “But saying that, if my wife said we’ve got to go and live in Timbuktu, I’ll go…But, no, it’s just time for me to come home.”

In addition to planning his move back to the U.K., Ozzy is gearing up to release a new album, Patient Number 9, on September 9.

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