Nandi Bushell accepts Dave Grohl’s “submission of defeat” in drum battle

Nandi Bushell has accepted Dave Grohl‘s “submission of defeat” in the pair’s back-and-forth drum battle.

The Foo Fighters frontman “conceded” the 10-year-old music prodigy’s victory during an interview on The Late Show last week.

“Mr Grohl. Our #EPIC Battle has been one of the greatest in #ROCK history,” Bushell tweeted over the weekend. “I accepted your submission of defeat.”

Bushell also shared a rhyming video commenting on the end of the battle, which includes sick burns such as “Your legend in history will echo in time/But still, you resigned to a child of three-foot-nine.” Additionally, the clip makes reference to her and Grohl’s plans to write a song together with an awesome riff on Tenacious D‘s “Tribute.”

“The happiness and joy our battle has brought will only be amplified when we create the greatest rock song EVER WRITTEN!!!” Bushell declares.

By Josh Johnson
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