Mick Mars teasing Halloween announcement

Mick Mars is teasing fans with some big news.

On Wednesday, October 18, the former Mötley Crüe guitarist launched a 13-day countdown on his social media accounts, meaning something is coming on October 31. The countdown posts feature a desolate forest, with Mars’ face popping up at the end.

Many fans are speculating that Mars is about to release some solo music, and they certainly seem excited by the prospect.

“if mick drops a solo album on Halloween I will spontaneously combust,” one fan commented, while another added, “if this is new music i’ll explode.”

Meanwhile another speculated, “In 13 days he’s rejoining the Crue for one last reunion tour!” That, however, seems unlikely, considering Mars sued his former bandmates in April for decreasing his share of the profits after he retired from the road.

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