Metallica’s James Hetfield visits hospitalized Ukrainian soldiers

A pair of hospitalized Ukrainian soldiers got a surprise visit from James Hetfield.

The Metallica frontman recently made a stop at the Vail Health Hospital in his Colorado hometown, which, according to Vail Daily, has been caring for injured Ukrainians as part of the Limbs for Liberty program. He visited with injured soldiers Roman Denysiuk and Igor Voinyi, and “wished [them] luck and [to] get better soon.”

“It was unexpected,” Voinyi says. “I didn’t even believe it at the first moment that it was him. It was very short, but it was a very warm meeting. It would be nice to meet him at a campfire and have a drink, instead of the hospital.”

Following the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022, Metallica’s All Within My Hands foundation donated $500,000 to the World Central Kitchen Ukraine Relief Fund.

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