Matt Cameron: Pearl Jam’s next album is “in the can,” but “everything’s on hold” with Soundgarden recordings

At least one Matt Cameron band has new music ready to go.

During an interview with The Vinyl Guide podcast, the drummer shares that Pearl Jam‘s next album, the follow-up to 2020’s Gigaton, is “in the can, mastered, mixed, ready to go.”

“I think the powers that be are trying to figure out when that’s gonna come out, and touring and all kind of stuff,” Cameron says.

While you can expect a PJ record sometime in the foreseeable future, it may be a bit before we hear new recordings from Soundgarden.

As you may recall, Soundgarden members Cameron, guitarist Kim Thayil and bassist Ben Shepherd announced in April that they’d reached an agreement with late frontman Chris Cornell‘s widow, Vicky Cornell, that would allow a batch of songs they’d been working on prior to Chris’ 2017 death to be released. Prior to the reconciliation, the two parties were involved in a protracted legal battle over the recordings.

When asked during The Vinyl Guide interview whether we might get to hear that Soundgarden material in 2024, Cameron replies, “I don’t think so, unfortunately.”

“We’re still in the middle of kind of a dispute with the estate,” Cameron says. “Everything’s on hold right now.”

“As of right now, no, it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen next year,” he adds. “But, hopefully soon, I’m not giving up hope.”

When the interviewer remarked that they thought the dispute was resolved, Cameron says, “Yeah, we did, too.”

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