Judas Priest’s Ian Hill talks Invincible Shield: “We love it”

Judas Priest just released Invincible Shield, their first new album since 2018’s Firepower, and bassist Ian Hill says they worked hard to change things up on the new record.

“It’s a step forward from Firepower. In fact, it’s two steps forward,” Hill, the only continuous member of Priest currently in the band, tells ABC Audio. “It’s something we do in each album. We try and make it different from the last one and take a step, hopefully in the right direction.” 

Of course, Hill says the album still sounds like Judas Priest, noting, “There’s a lot of hints there from older material, but it’s done in a very, very modern way,” which he says helps them stay “credible” and “relevant” to both their older and younger fans.

And while there are certainly typical metal tracks on the album, like “Panic Attack,” there are also more melodic songs like “Crown of Horns,” with Hill saying variety is “a hallmark of heavy metal.”

“It’s important, variety,” he says. “It’s important for us as Judas Priest to put that versatility down on the record as much as we can.”

And with the band getting ready to hit the road in support of the album, Hill says the band is excited to get to play these new tunes live.

“We love it,” he says of the album. “You know, we, we can’t wait to get out and start playing some of the songs.”

Judas Priest’s new tour kicks off March 11 in Glasgow, Scotland. They will hit the U.S. starting April 18 in Wallingford, Connecticut. A complete list of dates can be found at judaspriest.com.

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