Journey’s Jonathan Cain releases new solo spiritual song, “Oh Lord Lead Us”

Last month, Journey released its first new song in a decade, “The Way We Used to Be,” and now the band’s longtime keyboardist, Jonathan Cain, has just issued a new faith-based solo tune called “Oh Lord Lead Us.”

Cain, a devout Christian who’s married to Florida evangelist Paula White-Cain, tells ABC Audio that he’s been leading services at his wife’s church while Journey has been inactive during the COVID-19 pandemic, and he came up with the song when he was looking for a positive New Year’s message to deliver to the congregation.

“I was reading in the Bible, there was something in…Chronicles that says, ‘Look to the Lord for strength, always seek his face,"” Cain explains. “And then I just said, ‘Yeah, Lord lead us’…And there it was.”

Cain, who’s released several faith-based solo albums in recent years, says “Oh Lord Lead Us” was one of the first spiritual-themed songs he’d been inspired to record since the start of the pandemic, noting, “[T]here was something about the song that everybody hooked onto. And it was really just being obedient to my heart and just…sort of thanking [God] for the gifts that he’s given me.”

The song features backing vocals from new Journey member Jason Derlatka, a singer/keyboardist who joined the band last year.

“He gave me his best on that one,” Jonathan notes.

Cain says the new track will be part of a five-song solo EP being released in October; a new album also is due later in 2021.

Meanwhile, Cain will be very busy with Journey soon. The band is preparing a studio album that likely will arrive next year, and also has several 2021 concerts scheduled, including a headlining set at Lollapalooza in Chicago on July 31.

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