Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson calls Power Trip a “slightly strange experience”

Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson doesn’t sound like he was the biggest fan of the 2023 Power Trip festival, which, in addition to Maiden, featured Guns N’ RosesAC/DCMetallica and others.

In an interview with the Brazilian radio station 92.5 Kiss FM, Dickinson called the October festival “a slightly strange experience” for the band, especially since they opened their day without any warmup act. He also took issue with the audience setup, noting that the real fans weren’t able to get up close. 

“I think what was a little bit strange for us was that the people who should be down the front of the stage, because the tickets for the festival were so expensive, they were at the back,” he says, “and the people who were at the front were just like rich people that wanted to film everything on their phone.” 

“But the kids who you wanted to play to were at the back. And that sucks, actually,” he adds.

On a positive note, Dickinson says Iron Maiden will have another shot at getting close to fans, because they plan to tour the U.S. next year.

“And the people who are down the front are gonna be the people who deserve to be down the front,” he says. “They’re gonna be the real fans, which is gonna be great.”

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