Heart’s Nancy Wilson selling collection of guitars, other music gear online

A selection of instruments and other gear belonging to Heart guitarist Nancy Wilson will be available for purchase via Wilson’s shop at the Reverb.com online marketplace starting Wednesday, October 19.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer will be selling more than two dozen items from her long career with Heart, including guitars, amplifiers and keyboards.

Among the guitars Wilson is selling is a late-1960s Gibson SG that she says has been one of her main guitars for playing the Heart classic “Barracuda” in concert. The instrument features a Bigsby vibrato bar, and the back of the body has two Marine Corps stickers affixed to it.

“It’s traveled really far with me. We’ve done a lot of stages and shows together … and you might recognize this Marine Corps symbol here that I used to flash at the end of ‘Barracuda,"” Wilson says. 

Other guitars that will be sold include a 1957 Fender Stratocaster, a Paul Reed Smith 12-string prototype electric guitar with a dragon inlay, a late-1970s David Petschulat Mini Les Paul that appeared on the cover of Heart’s Greatest Hits Live album, and a red-and-white TV Jones Spectrasonic model Wilson says she also frequently used to play “Barracuda” live.

A video of Wilson showing off and talking about the various guitars she’s selling has been posted on Reverb’s official YouTube channel.

The sale was organized by Wilson and Reverb in partnership with the DEFINITIVE Authentic company, which works directly with artists and other celebrities to help certify, preserve and exhibit their artifacts.

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