Former Megadeth drummer Lee Rauch has died

Former Megadeth drummer Lee Rauch has died.

Lee’s brother, Chris Rauch, announced the news in a Facebook post on Friday, June 23, sharing that Lee “was a very strong man of faith so I know he is with God now.”

Lee helped launch Megadeth by playing drums on their 1984 demo tape, Last Rites, but played in the band for only one year. He was also part of the rare live lineup that featured Slayer guitarist Kerry King alongside frontman Dave Mustaine and bassist David Ellefson.

“His heart was set on making it big and came very close numerous times,” Chris writes of his brother. “Lee was a very loving and giving individual who was extremely hard working, he continued to play drums later in his life for the church which made him happy. He was a loving son and a very honorable man.”

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