Foo Fighters played SoCal comeback gig for free

Foo Fighters played their first full, in-person concert since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic at The Canyon in Agoura Hills, California, earlier this week. And, apparently, they did it for free.

“I got the Foo Fighters’ contract and it said, ‘Compensation: $0,"” Canyon owner Lance Sterling writes in an essay for Billboard. “They didn’t want any money. They let me keep everything. I saved the contract. I’m going to frame it.”

Sterling adds that the Foos insisted that the tickets be sold for just $26, presumably a nod to the band celebrating their 26th anniversary this year.

“It cost the band between $30,000 to $50,000 to throw that event,” he says.

Also in the piece, Sterling addresses the anti-vaccination demonstrators outside the venue who were protesting the show’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement for entry.

“I fully believe it is their right to protest,” Sterling says. “It’s silly because I don’t make up the rules. I enforce the rules that are given to me.”

“If [the health department] told me I had to dress up in a pink tutu with a thong to open up, I would be dressed up in a pink tutu and a thong,” he adds. “I need to be open, and I need to get my life back to normal and start paying off this $11 million debt.”

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