Dave Grohl tapes “no cursing” sign to microphone stand during Abu Dhabi performance

If you’ve ever heard Dave Grohl talk, you may have noticed that he uses the f-word like others might use “um.” That presented a problem when Foo Fighters performed on Sunday, November 26, in Abu Dhabi, which has strict laws prohibiting profanity.

To remind himself of said laws, Grohl taped a sign to his microphone stand reading “no cursing” twice. Photos of the sign were shared by the @FooFightersLive fan account.

Foo Fighters played Abu Dhabi as part of the Formula 1 Grand Prix. They were originally set to perform at the event in 2021, but ended up canceling their set.

Next up on the Foos’ schedule is a trip to Australia to close out the year. They’ll launch a U.S. stadium tour in July 2024.

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