British comedian Ted Robbins on the negative effect of being related to Paul McCartney

British comedian Ted Robbins is related to The Beatles‘ Paul McCartney, and in a recent interview he suggested that the rocker’s success may have taken a toll on some members of the family. 

Robbins’ late mother was McCartney’s first cousin, and he reveals on the Chatabix podcast that while the rocker is close to his relatives, having such a huge star in the family hasn’t been easy for everyone.

“Paul and my mum are first cousins. You know, when people do that ‘who’s the most famous person on your phone?’ Well, that’s Mr. McCartney,” he says.

“In some ways it’s a great thing, and for some members of our family, I won’t name names, it’s kind of screwed their lives up a bit,” he says. “Because you’s be compared, you know what I mean? Paul McCartney and all that. You become a dentist, great, you know.”

Robbins thinks that’s particularly true for McCartney’s younger brother Mike, who is a musician himself, and goes by the name Mike McGear.

“I think Mike, his brother, who’s the loveliest of men and talented, but his fear is on his gravestone, ‘Here lies Paul McCartney’s brother,’” he says.

Robbins also claims the song “Teddy Boy” from McCartney’s 1970 solo album was written about him.

“You know he wrote a song called ‘Teddy Boy,’ which is on his first (solo) album, called McCartney,” he says. “And, you know, it goes, ‘This is the story of a boy named Ted’ and it was sort of inspired [by me].”

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