Blondie recording new album, according to Johnny Marr, who wrote a new song for them

It sounds like we may be getting some new music from Blondie, if you believe Johnny Marr. During an appearance on The Lineup with Shaun Keaveny podcast, the former The Smiths guitarist revealed he’s written a new song for the band. 

Johnny previously wrote the song “My Monster” for Blondie and he now shares, “I’ve written another new one for the new, current record that they’re recording,” adding, “I don’t know whether it will end up on the album, you never know. But they seemed to really like it.”

Johnny says hearing Debbie Harry singing his lyrics is “a new level of wow for me because they are my lyrics, Debbie’s singing my lyrics.”

The new song is called “Spectral Eyes,” but Marr says “they took so long recording it” he recorded it himself as a B-side on a 7-inch. He adds, “I wasn’t about to put it on an album, just in case.”

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