Will Rush’s Alex Lifeson write his memoir?: “I’m too lazy for that”

Rush’s Alex Lifeson helped his bandmate Geddy Lee promote his memoir, My Effin Life, last year, popping up at some book tour stops where he and Geddy got to share stories from their days in Rush. 

Lifeson, of course, plays a big role in Geddy’s story, so he appears in the book often. So, how did he feel reading about himself and their times together?

“(Geddy) sent me a copy of the first edited version,” he tells ABC Audio. “I cried, I laughed out loud, I was mesmerized by it.” 

“When I read it, it really struck me that we have this amazing friendship that’s lasted for half a century,” he adds. “And it started out as just two kids in junior high school who were buddies and then started a basement band that became a garage band, that became a high school band and on and on.”

Lifeson notes that what happened to them was a “dream come true for so many young musicians and so many certainly male teenagers. It’s a remarkable story.”

Now that Geddy’s written his memoir, does Lifeson feel the need to tell his side of things with his own?

“I’m way too lazy for that,” he says. “But I keep getting asked that and my wife says I should do it just because there’s stories I tell, road stories, she said are so hilarious, if you put them in a nice little book, it could be a real fun thing.” 

He adds, “So who knows, maybe if I can get some motivation.”

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