Vinyl version of ex-Blue Oyster Cult drummer Albert Bouchard’s ‘Re Imaginos’ album due in March

Last month, former Blue Oyster Cult drummer Albert Bouchard‘s released a reimagined version of his old band’s 1988 studio album Imaginos, aptly titled Re Imaginos, on CD and digitally.  Now plans have been announced for a vinyl version of the record.

Re Imaginos will be released as a two-LP set housed in a gatefold sleeve on March 19, 2021. The vinyl collection, which you can pre-order now, also can be purchased as part of a special bundle that includes an autographed poster, an autographed drumstick and a guitar pick.

A limited-edition bundle featuring the LPs pressed on red vinyl also can be purchased, while supplies last.

The LP edition of Re Imaginos features extended version of two songs — “Imaginos” and “Blue Oyster Cult” — and a bonus track called “Imaginos Overture” that don’t appear on the CD or digital release.

As previously reported, Bouchard says he recorded Re Imaginos for Blue Oyster Cult fans “so that they can hear a more properly realized version of the tale” told on the Imaginos album.

Imaginos originally was intended to be a solo Bouchard concept album based on a science fiction- and gothic horror-influenced story by late Blue Oyster Cult manager, producer and songwriter Sandy Pearlman. Albert began the album in 1981 but never completed the project, which eventually was finished by Blue Oyster Cult after he exited the group.

“This vinyl release brings the vision for Imaginos full circle, where the songs come out as a gatefold double vinyl release with each side telling a specific part of the story,” Bouchard explains. “It also sounds the way that Sandy and I wanted it to sound with plenty [of] volume and yet, plenty of headroom too.”

Here’s the Re Imaginos vinyl track list:

“I Am the One You Warned Me Of”
“Del Rio Song”
“In the Presence of Another World” (extended version)
“Siege and Investiture of Baron Von Frankenstein’s Castle at Weisseria”
“Girl That Love Made Blind”
“Imaginos” (extended version)
“Gil Blanco County”
“Blue Oyster Cult” (extended version)
“Black Telescope”
“Magna of Illusion”
“Les Invisibles”
“Imaginos Overture”

By Matt Friedlander
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